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Number 93 - Time of Your Life (Green Day)

Time Of Your Life Artwork

Reviewed by Ben Davison - 7th June 2014

Green Day are known as one the best punk rock groups ever but interestingly this song does not really fit that genre at all yet it is one of my favourites

by them. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) is a sort of acoustic track with rock elements that is quite thought provoking. What makes it uniquely very

special though is how mellow the track is. The way incredible way it contrasted to other Green Day material at the time meant that the band suddenly had

fans they had attracted just through this track. They went on to have another hit in the same vein a while afterwards called "Wake Me Up When September

Ends". Time of Your Life reached number 11 on the UK singles chart in 1997 although had been written by lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong much earlier in

1994. The song is the second single from their fifth album Nimrod.

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